Mental Health Organization
Since 2007
ShantManas after more than 9 Years of Service in Madurai

Shant Manas service to the Rural People started on 24th November 2007 in Madurai, India.





Shant Manas is a mental health development organisation serving rural communities in South India. It is a non profit making, non government organisation dedicated to the service of people suffering from mental ill health and associated conditions.

Its focus is on the detection, treatment and recovery of affected people. It offers support to carers and families as well. It aims to promote positive mental health amongst local people through partnership with rural communities. Advocacy, capacity building, empowerment, awareness raising and prevention are other areas of work.

Shant Manas will concentrate its work initially in designated rural areas of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. As its work develops Shant Manas will seek to widen its area of operation.

Who the service is for?

Most people treated by the Shant Manas team will have time limited disorders and with supported recovery will no longer be in need of its services after a period of a few months as their condition improves.

A substantial minority, however, will remain with the team for ongoing treatment, care and monitoring for periods of several years. They will include people needing ongoing specialist care for:          

  • Severe and persistent mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
  • Longer-term disorders of lesser severity but which are characterized by poor treatment adherence requiring proactive follow up.
  • Any disorder where there is significant risk of self harm or harm to others (eg. acute depression).
  • Disorders requiring skilled or intensive treatments (eg. therapy, vocational, recreation, rehabilitation, medication)
  • Severe disorders of personality and addiction problems where these can be shown to benefit from continued contact and support.

Philosophical framework.

Holistic health includes the good health of mind, body and soul. More importantly we believe in a healthy mind that is able to think clearly, solves problems, enjoys good relationships with others; that feels spiritually at ease and brings happiness to others in the family and in the community.

Shant Manas is a non discriminatory service, embracing the principle of empowerment and respect for the individual and applying the same standards of care and conduct regardless of a person’s ethnicity, religion, economic, social, gender or disability background, whilst being sensitive to the different needs of different individuals.

  • Shant Manas holds a deep commitment to the values of a free service to those affected by mental illness and distress, their families and the communities they live in.
  • Shant Manas recognizes the importance of carers, family and other relatives and friends in their contribution towards recovery.
  • Shant Manas aims to carry out its functions in a non stigmatizing way.
  • Shant Manas will work in cooperation and partnership with other community resources and provision.
  • Shant Manas maintains a positive, pro-active approach to its work, ensuring a high standard of practice in which staff will continue to update and refresh their skills and practice.
  • Shant Manas will keep accurate and professional record keeping; maintaining service users confidentiality with in its team.


  • To ascertain the needs of persons from initial contact by screening their reported needs and those reported by significant others.
  • To undertake prompt carefully coordinated, multi-disciplinary assessments of need for each person and to agree objectives which seek to meet those needs and manage risks.
  • To engage with service users families as partners in care.
  • To develop individual care plans with the Service User and carers through the Shant Manas ‘care pathway’.
  • To work pro-actively to support and treat Service Users with severe mental health difficulties within their family and their community
  • To deliver agreed coordinated plans of care and to review these with the Service User at regular intervals
  • To ensure continuity of care
  • To develop innovative community based services in partnership with local community provision
  • To provide support and training for staff and other people caring for, and working with, people with mental health needs in the target area.
  • To work proactively and in a spirit of shared support and communication within the multi disciplinary team

Assessment and Care Planning

  • Each person referred to the Shant Manas team will receive a comprehensive, holistic assessment of his or her needs.

This assessment will be carried out by an appropriate member of the team and will identify the full range of issues that may be contributing to an individual’s mental health problems.

  • The outcome of the assessment will be discussed in the multi disciplinary team and a care coordinator will be allocated on the basis of who is the most appropriate person to work with the service user. Where appropriate, cases will be referred on to other specific services or agencies with the service user’s consent.
  • All cases will be registered.
  • All planned interventions will be documented in the case notes
  • A care plan for each service user will be agreed with the service user and other people involved in their care – this may be family members, and any other professionals.
  • All care plans will be documented in the case notes
  • Carers of all services users will be involved in the care pathway process, and their own needs assessed, and supported.


Shant Manas practices family focused interventions, and strives for empowerment in treating mental disorders and enhancing Mental Health.

In working in the community Shant Manas engages family members as partners in care.

To enable this work the organization’s Field Workers are trained in communication and assessment skills and have knowledge and experience of working in the rural community. Through meeting regularly with service users Field Workers will offer informed individual and family counseling and support in rehabilitation and social inclusion. They will monitor and evaluate treatment and support guided informed recovery.

The Field Worker’s role is culturally sensitive and adaptable to the communities’ needs and may include facilitating support groups, psycho-education in anxiety, stress management and de addiction.

Field Workers are supported by a team of committed mental health specialists, senior psychiatrist, community psychiatrist, community psychiatric nurse and psychologist.

Shant Manas psychiatrist will offer appointments, treatment and follow up visits in the home setting. Medication will be provided free of charge to those with limited financial means.

Reviews and Discharge

Each plan of care will be reviewed regularly with the multidisciplinary team and the service user and carers.

Reviews will be recorded in the case notes and the revised plan of care agreed by all.
Discharge will be planned with the service user and care taker within the empowering and enabling philosophy of Shant Manas. Discharge, a summary of treatment and outcome, including the Service Users views will be documented in the Case Notes.

Below is a list of recommended reading, for more information on mental health in rural India:

  • Where there is no Psychiatrist: A mental health care manual. Vikram Patel, 2003. Gaskell Publishing


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