Mental Health Organization
Since 2007
ShantManas after more than 9 Years of Service in Madurai

Shant Manas service to the Rural People started on 24th November 2007 in Madurai, India.

Mental Health Rehabilitation Programme

Shant Manas Community Mental Health - The Approach

We operate an entirely community based model of care, relying on word-of-mouth and family referrals for service users to access our services. Our approaches are:

  • The ‘doorstep’ approach – our staff visit the villages every day to identify and approach new service users, as well as new cases being brought to light by word-of-mouth and family members.
  • An initial assessment, in the home, is done and rapport is built with the service user. ShantManas involves the family and community at every stage of treatment and all assessments are done in the company of anybody who wishes to attend.


  • The new service user is referred to a psychiatric consultant, who advises on any diagnosis or medication queries.
  • The team formulates a personalized care plan for the service user, including treatment, talking therapy, rehabilitation and education for them and the family.


  • Medication for acute issues is given if required.


  • Follow-up visits are planned. For acutely ill service users this is once a day, reducing to at least once a week for the entire caseload. All follow-up visits are done in the service user’s home and in the presence of his/her family. Counseling is also given regarding how to cope with the diagnosis and the team ensures any queries the family have are answered. This includes sleep issues, medication, and how to recognize deterioration and relapse.
  • For those recovering, the team aids service users financially, by seeking employment and motivating families to do the same.


  • Shantmanas always maintains close links with the village panchayat leaders (governing body), school heads and local health workers for mutual support and easier identification of new service users.


We also run mental health awareness programmes in the villages, for the wider community. Through these awareness can be boosted regarding mental health and stigma sufferers may be enduring can be eased. Our programmes are also run in local schools with the same objectives but for the younger generation, with the aim of improving awareness for years to come.