Mental Health Organization
Since 2007

Shant Manas service to the Rural People started on 24th November 2007 in Madurai, India.

Pablo’s Group
A professional therapeutic service by Dr Pablo Curras, a Canadian psychiatrist in rural South India.

Initiated in 2014 by Dr Pablo Curras, a Canadian psychiatrist working with Shant Manas, Pablo’s Group is a meeting for service users and their care takers or families. It is focused on boosting the self-confidence and social skills of service users (who, due to their conditions, may have been ostracized or have little social contact). Although the session is a free structure its core themes are psychoeducation, friendship and communication, and games or activities during the group are aimed at building upon any or all of these. It also teaches relaxation and exercise regimes such as simple yoga routines.

The group, held once every three weeks, has an attendance of around 10-15 people (both service users and their families), and has received positive feedback from those accessing it.