Mental Health Organization
Since 2007
ShantManas after more than 9 Years of Service in Madurai

Shant Manas service to the Rural People started on 24th November 2007 in Madurai, India.

Services We Offer

Our approach to healthcare is unique. Instead of relying on care based in health centers, the team travel to service user’s homes every day, meeting with them and their families in a relaxed environment. This focus on community-based care and family involvement is in keeping with the local norms and aids ShantManas’ integration of care into everyday lives.
Once a potential service user has been identified, a member of the team visits them in their home to begin the journey of treatment and rehabilitation. Rapport is built with them, their family and their neighbours, and if necessary, pharmacological treatment is started. The team will then visit the service user at least once a week indefinitely – moving from medicines, to talking therapies, to rehabilitation.

Education is another core component of our work. With each visit we aim to educate the community on the true nature of mental health, how we can help, and what to do in and emergency. Anyone- service user, family or neighbor- is free to call us at any time with any questions or needs they may have.
Once their condition has improved the team continues to offer support. Assessments of the service user’s skills are made and as part of the rehabilitation programme (some mental ill health sufferers have been apart from society for many years) we seek employment options or offer social rehabilitation with other service users.

Villages serviced by ShantManas

  1. Thuvariman
  2. Keelamathur
  3. Melamathur
  4. Kodimangalam
  5. Melakkal
  6. Katapulli Nagar
  7. Depethar Santhai
  8. Kachirairuppu
  9. Keelamatayan
  10. Thenkarai
  11. Oothukuli
  12. Narayanapuram
  13. T. Pudur
  14. Mullipallam
  15. Achampathu
  16. Nagamalai
  17. Sholavandan
These villages have a combined population of approximately 80,000, and ShantManas hold a caseload of 220 service users that is continually growing.