Mental Health Organization
Since 2007

Shant Manas service to the Rural Prople started on 24th November 2007 in Madurai, India.


Good health is more than just a physically health body: a healthy person should also have a healthy mind. Such a person is able to think clearly, able to solve problems, enjoys good relations with family and friends, feels spiritually at ease and brings happiness to others in the community.

Anyone can suffer a mental health problem. 1 to 5 adults will experience a mental health problem in lifetime. The consequences are often very disabling. Rural people are no exception.

The social fabric of the rural community is changing thus challenging its mental health. Stigma is a big problem. Most people with mental health difficulties do not admit to it for fear of discrimination.

Mental illness can be treated with simple, relatively inexpensive methods. Much can be done to improve the quality of life of sufferers by raising mental health awareness in rural communities.